Do I really need to learn the basics of graphic design?

After 3 years at university learning marketing, and 7 years working in the advertising industry, when I went out on my own the last thing I thought I’d have to do was learn basic graphic design principles.  But, as I’ve learnt, you can never know too much, and under no circumstances can you be an expert if you’ve never meticulously studied it.  Every day’s a school day, after all!

Why is nudity so taboo?

It’s commonplace in the art world to draw nudes – and has been for centuries! Artists draw their spouses and models in all guises – clothed, partially clothed, fully naked and in a multitude of poses and moods. Personally, I love Degas’ series of ‘tub’ artworks from the 1800s – they’re capturing everyday life in really natural poses – with beautiful tones.

So despite these pieces of art featuring in galleries for years, what has changed in society that now makes us giggly and embarrassed to talk about nudity?


In August 2016 I decided to launch my art and illustration business full time. I love it! I love being self-employed, I love doing something I'm really passionate about and I love the fact I'm on the way to living my dream. However, sometimes structure in a day can be difficult and it's so easy to just paint all day and ignore the admin. So I got myself some hot-desking. In a jail!