Where do we do the painting?

Totally up to you. I prefer to come to your home as it’s more comfortable for you, but happy for you to come to mine as well. We can organise over PM.

What happens when we meet?

First off I’ll show you a sketchbook of poses that you might want to consider and we’ll chat about what works best for you. Then I’ll get set up while you get ready. Then you’ll pose and I’ll paint! A bit like a spray tan!

What pose should I choose?

I’ll have some sketchbooks with me with pose examples that you can browse. Also, we’ll chat about what you want to show off and what you like most and find a pose that works. Once we have something, I’ll do a quick sketch to make sure you’re happy before cracking onto the real thing.

I don’t like my belly/boobs/bum/arms/legs (delete as applicable), they’re too thin/too fat/too saggy/too wrinkly/too wonky (delete as applicable).

They’re not! They’re you and you’re beautiful! This is what Beauty Laid Bare is all about – realising how great you are and loving all parts of your body. And if you don’t want a certain body part in the painting, we’ll find a pose that works for that.

Do I have to be actually fully naked?

That’s what the aim of this project is – to love your body for every part of it! Feel free, li berated and empowered with your beauty laid bare! Honestly, after 5 minutes you will and you’ll forget all about the ‘embarrassment’. However, I’m happy to paint you with clothes or underwear too – the choice is yours.

It’ll be so awkward when I strip off

It’s a bit like going to the beautician for a spray tan or a wax, I’ll leave you to get ready while I set up. It might feel awkward for you, but I’ve done this hundreds of times!

Hair or no hair?

Totally up to you! I’ve painted both. It’s personal preference and there’s no judgement at all. It’s all just shapes and colours I’m looking at.

What if it’s cold?

Ask to put the heating up! I want this to be as comfortable for you as possible, don’t think you’re being awkward at all.

I’m not sure about being naked in front of someone – they might judge me.

I will not be judging anything! painting a person is no more than painting a vase of flowers to me - i'm looking at shapes, colours and energy. I've painted hundreds of naked bodies of all shapes and sizes. 

Do we talk?

It’s up to you! I’m happy to have a chat or if you’d rather make it more meditative, then that’s no problem at all. What do you do at the hairdresser/beauticians? It’s just the same!

Do I have to stay still for hours?

The stiller you are, the easier it is for me. But don’t worry, I know you’re not a professional life model so I expect some movement and you can have stretch breaks anytime you like. I’ll give a time estimation when you book.

I hate my body

The reason I do this is to help people love their body. a bit like Gok Wan. When it comes to it, if you feel self-conscious, the painting will look like that. If you have a power pose, it’ll make you look strong and alive, in love with yourself! That’s what we want. If you’ve got this hanging on your wall and you see it every day, you’ll really start to love your shape. 

Do I need to do anything?

Nope. I’ll arrive with everything I need, all you have to do is choose the room and I’ll help you choose the best place to sit/stand that works for the pose you like and shows you off best.


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