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My Number One Art Material You Must Try!

My Number One Art Material You Must Try!

Just for the record, this most isn't sponsored post and not an ad for the product.

However, if Staedtler do want to send me tonnes of arty free stuff then I will more than happily promote them! :) Although, there is an affiliate link, cause something needs to pay the leckie bills.

But why are you telling us what your favourite piece of equipment is?

I just thought that when I look at other artist's work, I always wonder what they couldn't live without, what their favourite piece of equipment is and what they use all the time.

Then I immediately want to try it out.

So if you've dabbled in art before, never picked up a pen or are a total expert, I'd recommend giving these a shot:

Staedtler Pigment Fineliners

So tell us what's so good about these Staedtler Pigment Fineliners!

1. Fineliners can be used for so many things

For example: creating black and white inkings, outlining coloured illustrations, adding detail to large paintings and of course signing your drawings and paintings so people know where to send all the dollars to!

2. They don't bleed

If, like me, you use fineliners alongside a water medium such as watercolour paints or inks, you need a pigment liner that won't run or bleed into the rest of your painting. Because, as soon as it bleeds into a lighter colour, it can be near impossible to fix.

3. They last ages

I use fineliners for everything from writing in my bullet journal, to outlining commissions of people's dogs, to illustrating characters. Pretty much everyday! And I only need to replace them every couple of months. 

4. So many sizes

I recommend buying the pack of six because you can have a 0.05 for the tiniest of details and a 0.8 for thicker lines. My favourite is a 0.3 - #pengeek

5. Works on all papers

You have lots of control over the pen so cold pressed textured papers aren't too bumpy, thick hot pressed stock doesn't suck up too much of the ink to make it fade and even thin papers don't tear from an overflow of ink. They're perfect for everything!

I'm a total Pen Fangirl and not even ashamed

So if you're looking to bring more detail into your art or have just been looking for that perfect pen, I'd highly recommend the Staedtler Pigment Fineliners. If you do any new work with them, please send it to me and I'll have a look!

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