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Glasgow Artist is offering Titanic experience to be drawn like one of Jack’s French girls!

It’s not the most conventional present, but it’s fast becoming the new unique gift experience this Christmas. Glasgow Artist, Kayleigh McCallum has been drawing and painting the amazing women of Scotland since January this year as part of the experience, ‘Beauty Laid Bare’

This is a twist on the renowned boudoir photography, but instead of being photographed, you’re doing a Titanic and having an artist draw you like one of their French girls! It’s the perfect idea for a Christmas present – have your partner unwrap YOU!

Originally the campaign was created in a bid to boost body confidence for women, however it’s now been adopted by those that not only want to feel great but give a special and unique gift to their partner.

It’s an incredibly empowering and liberating experience posing either nude or in underwear. Kayleigh normally travels to your home (in Glasgow, Edinburgh or somewhere in-between) to complete your portrait. Or if you want to keep it a secret, she can also host you in her Glasgow studio, complete with a glass of prosecco!

Not only do you get a piece of art at the end of it, but it’s brilliant fun striking poses and feeling really confident in yourself while you have a relaxed chat and be drawn by a professional artist. Kayleigh uses watercolours, inks or charcoals to create the art and you can look online for your preference.

So, if you’re struggling to find what to get your partner this year, there are 2 ways you could do it:

  • Pose for a painting which is completed within a few hours (depending on size and medium you choose) and you can frame and wrap for Christmas morning
  • Or if you’d like your partner to pose for a painting, you can book them in for an experience and receive a voucher for them to open on Christmas morning.

To some, it might seem a bit daunting so there’s a compiled list of frequently asked questions that cover everything from what you will do on the day, to whether to go 80s bush or Brazilian!

Customer Emma Calvert said of the experience:

“Beauty Laid Bare is one of the best things I've ever done! Kayleigh's art is amazing and she captured exactly what I wanted. Kayleigh put me totally at ease, drew a rough sketch to show me how it would look then chatted away whilst she drew me. I absolutely loved the finished piece and so did my husband (it was his birthday present). Thank you Kayleigh!!”

So far it’s only been women that have taken up the experience to pose, but men, you’re not excluded! Male life drawings and paintings are also offered – any gender can have their Beauty Laid Bare!

Professional artist Kayleigh said of the campaign:

“I love creating art that shows the movement and energy the human body can emit – it can be so powerful.  And by putting my passion for life drawing to good use, it seemed a perfect fit to encourage women to drop those body image woes, dare to bare and feel great in their own shape. I’m delighted people are seeing this as a new and unique gift idea!”


Kayleigh McCallum is a professional artist from Glasgow.  She set up the business, Kayleigh McCallum Art and Illustration in August 2016.  Kayleigh specialises in drawing and painting people and animals with inks, watercolours, charcoals and oils.  Her passion is in painting life and works on a commission basis with multiple exhibitions throughout the year.  Kayleigh is personally interested in debunking the body image ‘norms’ portrayed in the media that are affecting women of all ages across the world.  Her aim is to spread body positivity and self love through her work with the Beauty Laid Bare campaign.

Website: www.kayleighmccallum.com/beauty-laid-bare/ 
Facebook: www.facebook.com/kayleighdrawsthings
Instagram: @kayleighdrawsthings
Twitter: @kayleigh_mcc

High resolution supporting images can be supplied – please email hello@kayleighmccallum.com

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